Our Vote With Power members are kept in the loop of what congress and the members' representatives are really doing: how they vote and what progress, if any, they are making for the American people.

Members get the pros and cons from other members on the issues before congress. This dialogue will help voters be more rounded in their thinking.

Our purpose is not to change anyone’s mind
but to make them more aware.

Our members have the power to get their opinion, ideas, and concerns passed on to their representatives in congress. This will get their attention and force them to represent the voters. They also get a semiannual performance review of how the representatives from their state performed along with their voting records.

Please find out more about this new path and join our new journey through Vote With Power. 

If you care about yourself and your family’s future, now is the time to act. Are you willing to do your part to help change these trends? This is the only way we can live in a peaceful, unified, opportunistic, and free America?

Where Do your Membership Monies Go?

Your Vote With power monthly or annual membership fee is going to pay keeping track of the bills before congress and provide you with truthful and non-judgmental information on the issues going through congress. It will also help pay for developing and setting up the questions from which we will gather your opinions on issues, ideas, and concerns which will be combined with other voter members from your state. The results will be analyses and recorded. The staffing will categorize the data and submit it to your representatives. Your representatives will know how you along with the other “Vote With Power Members” feel on the issues. This will provide transparency, accountability, and representation from you as a constituent of your representatives.

The monthly fee will also cover the tracking of issues before congress.

It will cover the staffing to keep track of your state group answers and record that data you provide to your representatives.

It will also pay for the updates on how your representatives voted on issues.

It will give you a semiannual performance review on your legislators. Tis will give you their voting record and performance. This you can use at their next election to vote them in out.

It will be used to solicit the ideas and opinions of our members of congress. Which will be shared with you on why they voted the way they did.