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Vote With Power mission is to help all Americans to raise their quality of life to whatever level they desire for themselves, children and grandchildren.

There are somethings you can do to improve your life.  There are outside events which you can't fix by yourself.
These are the anchors to a high quality of life.
Vote With Power has the tools you need to unite with others to fix the events you can't fix by yourself.

We give voters a way to get information from and give information to their representatives in congress.
Through a united voter tool with honest open communication we will build the trust for our representatives so they can better do their job.
This is the only way for Americans to improve their lives.
We need to start a new American mission and vision to offer all Americans the ability to raise their standard of living to highest level possible! 
America has many unsolved problems. Two, inflation and safety are causing an erosion of the quality of American lives.

Only voters whos voices are heard  can change the direction or country is heading, help solve Americas problems and alter the dysfunctional political process. Vote With Power has the support of a unified group using a communication loop organized to help voters have dialogue and gain influence in our governmental process.  Voters need to be part of America's future by being listened to, answered, informed, respected and represented.
You are important let’s make your votes count! 

Vote With Power will build enough consistent communication and influence in Washington so  voters have a voice to help get our country on the right track and steer Americas future.

Why should you join Vote With Power? To become a member of American voters inner circle. Be part of the communication loop with congress to help solve our countries problems and steer Americas future in the direction YOU want.

This is the only way to help save our freedom improve our lives and your
opportunity to live in peace. 

You can help save Americas freedom for yourself and family for only $10.00 a month.

What do you get as a member?

1. Get non – political reports telling you what is really going on in Washington.

2.  Get frequent educational information on how to keep your freedom and what freedom means to your future.

3. Information shared with you so you know and have a voice in legislation before it is voted on.

4. Be part of the group with a communication loop, back and forth between you and your representatives in congress.

To have power through unity to access to share ideas, questions and concerns.

5. Receive voting records and performance reviews on representatives who are supposed to serve you in our federal government.

6. Be informed of which elected officials did or didn't do what they promised when they were running for office.

7. Be part of the parent community which will help design the future of America. 

8. Be kept current how VWP, with your help is improving the political process to make your representatives more transparent, accountable and represent you better.

Voters can unite and save our Democracy and freedom to build a better life for all Americans.

For only $10.00 a month you can join our journey and help America.

This is the way to make members of congress become transparent and accountable to the voters.
With united voters having  a voice that is heard is the only way Americans can change the economic, political and cultural direction path we are on.

For only ten dollars you will be a member of the Vote With Power community and on the board of directors of the USA.

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What We Do

We help voters remove their fear, anger, and frustration with our government. Our journey together will change the representatives who are failing at representing us. All voters want life, liberty, safety, and the pursuit of happiness, which is being destroyed by our current politics, political parties, big money and the media.

Vote With Power finds common ground amongst conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans, and independents.  By sharing voters opinions, thoughts, and wishes with their representatives,  voters will tcontrol will  the direction of America for all citizens.  

Who Is Vote With Power?

We are an organization that works with parents to know honestly what congress is doing and not doing. We offer a free newsletter subscription membership that empowers American people. Our mission is to return the control and influence of our votes to have an impact on our elected officials. Parents will have their voices heard, their opinions count, and their elected officials truly representing them. By Parents banding together and sharing information, we will take back the influences from the political parties, big money, and big tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Memberships for voters to give confidential input through polls and surveys to their elected representatives. Through voters' influence, congress will hear us, answer us, inform us, respect us, & represent us, the voters.

What do you specialize in?

Helping American  have the  tools to be heard, get their vote to count, reduce the influence of the political parties, big money, big tech, and the media.  Get informed, interested, and involved in the political process that will save democracy and  Americans  freedom.

What are the rates of your services?

Vote With Power membership is only $10.00 per month! 
Or save money by joining a with an annual membership.

How does the voter member services work?

You and your children will get information that they should have gotten in a Civics class. Constitution and Bill of Rights. How can we keep our freedom.
As a member, you will be kept current on what congress is doing in addition to getting polls, surveys, and questionnaires to provide your input, thoughts, and ideas. These will be shared with representatives from your state.  We will keep your personal information secret. You can unsubscribe to your membership at any time.

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We tell you exactly how your membership dues are being used.


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